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Digital Security Network

Access Now

Access Now’s Digital Security Helpline works with individuals and organizations around the world to keep them safe online. If you’re at risk, we can help you improve your digital security practices to keep you out of harm’s way. If you’re already under attack, we provide rapid-response emergency assistance.


EngageMedia is a nonprofit that promotes digital rights, open and secure technology, and social issue documentary. We equip civil society through training and other educational activities, producing guides, research, and other resources. We develop, localize, and engage with platforms, promoting open and secure software and supporting open culture and knowledge.


eQualitie develops open and reusable systems with a focus on privacy, online security and freedom of association. It offers free distributed denial of service (DDoS) protection and managed WordPress hosting to civil society groups and individuals.


Greenhost provides free virtual private server (VPS) hosting to groups advocating digital rights and developers of internet freedom tools. They also support organisations, activists, journalists and other human rights defenders facing digital security attacks through their rapid response programme.


meet.coop is a meeting and conferencing platform powered by BigBlueButton, stewarded by a global coalition of co-operatives.


The Southeast Asia Freedom of Expression Network (SAFEnet) advocates for survivors of digital rights violations and champions Internet policies with human rights perspectives. SAFEnet also provides holistic security training (physical, psychosocial, and digital) for vulnerable groups in Indonesia and Southeast Asia to build their resilience towards increasingly common digital repression.

Security Matters

Security Matters (SecM) is an initiative with the purpose of promoting digital security and protecting the community at risk in Southeast Asia. With its trainers’ network and through its training of trainers SecM works towards building digital security capacity for civil society organizations and human rights defenders. It also provides digital security incident response and support in collaboration with the Center for Digital Resilience (CDR).