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Update the Directory

digisec.directory is a compilation of digital security and safety resources by the contributors of EngageMedia Digital Security Localization project

You can help improve this directory by adding new tools, guides, and resource groups or by updating existing ones.

No Rights Reserved

By updating the directory, you agree to making your contribution public domain as per CC0 1.0 Universal (CC0 1.0) Public Domain Dedication.

You may add attribution in the front matter parameter credits of the content files that you contribute. This attribution is only visible in the source code and will not appear on the published website.

Listing Considerations

  1. DO flag tools that are

    • Freemium – this tool is available for free but additional storage, bandwidth, or features are available with a paid upgrade;
    • Premium – this tool is only available with a paid subscription; or
    • Closed Source – this tool does not have publicly available and verifiable source code.
  2. DO correct grammar and spelling mistakes and edit for consistency.

  3. DO NOT include tools that are directly or indirectly supported or subsidised by an advertising-based business model.

  4. DO NOT add new guides that have not been updated for more than five years. An exception can be made if the content has not gone out of date.

  5. DO NOT list closed-source products of big tech corporations (e.g. Alphabet/Google, Amazon, Apple, Meta/Facebook, Microsoft, etc).

  6. DO NOT use any affiliate or tracking link.

Fork on GitLab

  1. Go to eml10n/digisecdirectory repository on Gitlab.
  2. Click on the fork button and continue working on your preferred code editor. Alternatively, launch the Web IDE and continue working from within your web browser.
  3. Browse the content directory and familiarise yourself with its contents before you edit or add any file.
  4. Edit or add Markdown files in the content directory and commit your changes to your forked repository.
  5. When you are done with your update, create a new merge request by choosing the eml10n/digisecdirectory as the target repository and main as the target branch.